It Just Tastes Like More

- Coe Dupuis


Hand Crafted Spirits Distilled From Grain Harvested In Northeast Indiana

Our Heritage

Edwin Coe is a craft distillery in Northeastern Indiana. We take great pride in providing the best spirits available. Distilling Louisiana Sour Mash goes back nearly 90 years in our family, dating to Prohibition.

It all started with Joseph Edwin DuPuis, a Cajun who lived and distilled in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Friends nicknamed him "Coe" after his pet donkey, because he was just as stubborn. Over a 70 year career, Coe mastered his distilling process. He believed that quality took time and cutting corners just wouldn't do.
At Edwin Coe Spirits we follow the same traditions: take your time, do it right, and only present the best of your best. The founder and head distiller of Edwin Coe Spirits, Joseph Edwin Collins, fell in love with the history, method, and process of making great spirits. He stayed true to great-grandfather, taking the love of the craft and extending it to rum, vodka and gin using the same process that made Coe's sour mash so popular.

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6675 E US Hwy 33
Churubusco IN 46723
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5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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